Gallery - Cuban Creations
533 Toulouse St
New Orleans, LA 70130

Sun – Thurs : 11 AM to 12 AM
Fri – Sat : 11 AM to 2 AM

Every Empty Glass Has A Story To Tell

See why we are rated as one of the best bars in New Orleans, French Quarter.

Our Atmosphere

Walking down Toulouse Street, you hear the lively sounds of laughter and Cuban music from a distance. Without realizing it, your feet start to move to the beat of the rhythm and you inch closer and closer to the source. You walk through pistachio-green doors and step inside a haven that feels miles and miles away from the craziness of Bourbon Street, although it’s just a couple of blocks away. Your eyes take in the mood-lifting blue ceiling, the couple by the bar chatting and enjoying a few puffs of hand-rolled sticks, the vintage Cuba posters on the bright walls, and the impressive rows and rows of bottles lined up across the room. A friendly bartender waves at you as he pours out a frosty cold beer from the tap, while another adds an orange garnish to a cocktail that instantly makes your mouth water. You pull up a leather stool and go through the menu as you try to decide which cocktail you’d like: a Hurricane or a Vieux Carre? You settle on the latter, and the bartender suggests a premium Nicaraguan roll-up to pair with your cocktail. Nothing sounds as good as that combination and you happily agree. The delicious aromas of cherry and citrus envelop you, and you look down to see your order has arrived. The drink looks every bit as glorious as it was described on the menu, and the fine-looking stick beside it ensures you that this will definitely be a great day. You lean back and look up at one of the bar’s flat screen TVs and see that the Saints game has just started. After a few sips and puffs, you sigh in contentment and decide that nothing can be better than this.

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