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One of the most festive and iconic drinks you’ll find in New Orleans is the Hurricane. Named after the tropical storms and rainy weather that frequent the area, the Hurricane cocktail is most noted for its distinctive glassware, which looks like the shape of a hurricane lamp.

Shortly after World War II ended, there was such a limited supply for Scotch and bourbon that the bars at the time didn’t have much choice but to make do with the copious amounts of rum that were readily available from the Caribbean. A lot of the most popular cocktails at the time used whiskey or Scotch as the base spirits, so bartenders tested their creativity by making rum cocktails. Pat O’Brien’s Bar is credited to coming up with the original Hurricane cocktail in New Orleans, and the deceptively fruity drink has enjoyed its success and many adaptations since its inception. 

Such a fun cocktail deserves lively finishes too, and the Hurricane is no exception to that, with its orange slice and cherry garnish. A great start to a fun night or game day at the best sports bar in New Orleans  isn’t complete without our local specialty, so head over to us for one of the best Hurricane cocktails in New Orleans! If you’re looking to show off those bartending skills at home and perfect your best Hurricane cocktail recipe, just have these in mind:

  • Don’t have access to a hurricane glass? A beer pint glass or even a large wine glass can work just as well!
  • The passion fruit syrup used in Hurricane recipes can be difficult to find, but passion fruit puree or passion fruit nectar can be substituted (just add in a little water to make it less sweet and to get a more juice-like texture). You can even use tropical juice mix if you’d like.
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