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Fewer things can be as refreshing on a hot summer afternoon than a glass of Mojito at one of the best bars in New Orleans. Known as the national drink of Cuba, sipping a Mojito can make you feel like you’re on an exotic vacation; it’s a transformative tropical respite for those gloomy days. With its hard-to-miss muddle of mint leaves and green limes, the Mojito is one of the most famous drinks that is recognized worldwide.

One of the most popular theories in the origins of the Mojito cocktail dates back to the late 16th century, when Sir Francis Drake’s ships sailed to Havana. There was an outbreak of scurvy on the ship and one of the pirates, Richard Drake, made a version of the drink as a means of immunity. But like many other cocktails, the exact birth of the Mojito drink is hard to pinpoint. What is certain is that the Mojito cocktail’s popularity took off when the Bacardi Company began in the 1800s and used the Mojito to show how flexible rum could be in making cocktails. 

Regardless of the hazy history behind the Mojito, we can all agree that it’s one of the most thirst-quenching cocktails around. We’re proud to have one of the best Mojito recipes around the French Quarter, but if you can’t come and visit us, here are some of our recommendations on making the best Mojito:

  • We highly suggest that you use crushed ice for the Mojito as this will melt faster, which will help balance out the strong flavors of the drink.
  • If possible, always opt for fresh limes or freshly squeezed lime juice.
  • Mixing in the muddled sugar will usually result in grainy crystals, so you can always use simple syrup instead, which is also a time saver!
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