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There’s no better way to conjure up images of lying by the pool during those languid summer days than seeing a daiquiri near me. Whether that’s a frozen daiquiri to beat the heat or a refreshing daiquiri over ice, nothing spells out a good time in tropical paradise quite like this ubiquitous cocktail. 

Named after a beach in Santiago, Cuba, the daiquiri was originally created by the American Jennings Cox in 1896. Cox was an American engineer who lived in Cuba and is said to have invented the daiquiri during a cocktail party he hosted, wherein he happened to run out of gin and decided to use rum instead for the punch he served his guests. The other ingredients in his drink included brown sugar and limes, and the result was such a success. Ultimately the recipe was popularized around Cuba and the United States, where the daquiri was reinvented over and over again.

The frozen daiquiri that has become such as a staple during the summer months owes itself to a Cuban named Constante Ribalaigua, who owned a bar in Little Havana and decided to add the drink and ice to an electric blender. It is said that the esteemed American writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Cuba in the 1930s, was rumored to have drank sixteen of the frozen drinks in one sitting!

In the mood for one of the best daiquiris in the French Quarter? Whether you decided on an original daiquiri or you want to imbibe in unique ones such as the voodoo daiquiri or the eggnog daiquiri, we’re one of the top bars in New Orleans and our selections of daiquiris will blow your mind! Want to up your daiquiri game at home? Here’s some quick suggestions:

  • One of the best things about the daiquiri is that the recipe is pretty flexible. One of our favorites is to switch up the flavor by using seasonal fruits and ingredients.
  • For a frozen daiquiri, it’s much easier and quicker to use crushed ice or regular iced cubes for the blender rather than the large cubes that are used in drinks like the Old Fashioned.
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